CBD for Seniors: Guide for Seniors Using CBD

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CBD for Seniors: About 13% of the U.S population is made up of the age group above 65 years of age. And more than two-third of this group suffers from one painful ailment or the other. Sadly, only 8% of Americas 34 million+ seniors are aware of, and use CBD products. Even when many studies have shown that CBD compounds are of great advantages to the senior population.

What is CBD and why is it recommended for seniors
It is short for cannabidiol derived from the hemp family of the cannabis plant rather than the marijuana family. CBD is so hyped because of its absence of THC substances (the psychoactive property of cannabis) in them.

CBD has been known to have great healing powers to many physical ailments. Like pains, stress, etc. and psychological conditions like insomnia, anxiety, etc. in humans.

Is CBD safe for seniors?

For now, the CBD industry is not regulated by any agency. So care needs to be taken about the methods of administration for seniors. Although every method of application has its advantage, CBD edibles like chocolates or mints, topical and transdermal applications are much safer methods for the elderly population.

Usage of CBD and Interactions with other medications
While high CBD doses are not known to affect the body negatively, it can react with other medications in the system of the elder person and set some complications. So, it is safer to start with doses as small as 2.5 to 3mg a day for the Senior citizens and monitor the effects on their body system.

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How seniors should use CBD

The methods of CBD intake is dependent on the ailment or condition it is used to cure or remedy. If CBD is taken to ease pain in a particular area, the topical application method such as CBD balms, CBD oils will prove the best options. For quick total body relief, the use of CBD tinctures can provide the best method of respite. CBD edibles are good products for seniors if they seek a product with a long time of effect in the body. It could be used to solve conditions like insomnia, anxiety, etc.

Is CBD legal to use in my state?
With the 2018 Farm bill into law, the use of hemp and marijuana has been decriminalized. However, laws guiding the use and possession of hemp might vary from states to states. So, always confirm with the local laws of your state.

How CBD can help seniors

Relief from pains and discomfort
A large percentage of seniors in the United States suffer from painful conditions like Arthritis, waist pains, etc. The use of CBD compounds can tackle these pains and aches.

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Also, some discomfort can arise as a result of the worn-out communication (nerves) between the brain and other organs of the body, e.g (eyes) glaucoma; CBD compounds can reduce the problems by calming the strained nerves around the brain leading to the eyes.

Ease insomnia
Aging comes with a bigger discomfort like sleeping, and increased anxiety. CBD compounds present in CBD edibles can help to calm the nerves and help seniors get a deep, comforting sleep.

Reduce conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Although not fully developed, research is ongoing on the potential use of CBD compounds to cure medical conditions that come with aging. Since CBD can also serve as a form of brain stimulant, it prevents the ‘death’ of brain cells.

CBD Edibles Online: Are CBD Edibles a Cure All?

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CBD Edibles Online: CBD is everywhere and apparently in everything nowadays. It is touted as a cure all for a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. And even recommended as an everyday supplement to help alleviate stresses and worries of life. CBD is isolated from cannabis and it is one of the plant’s many chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and it is available in variety of forms, e.g. CBD chocolate, tinctures, vapes, etc. It is sold everywhere from pharmacies to pet stores to country markets. However, just like most cure all products, the hype for CBD beats the evidence.

Do CBD Edibles “Work”?

CBD edibles are a preferred way to consume CBD to alleviate a number of symptoms. However, overall, there is a lack of evidence suggesting that they are a cure all. While there are certainly positive effects of consuming CBD for a variety of conditions, CBD has drug-like and pharmacological effects. And more research is required to fully determine the positive effects that CBD edibles. Like CBD chocolate, gummies, treats, etc. have in certain circumstances. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome have been established as responsive to CBD. Apart from this, there are studies but a lack of solid evidence for CBD’s effectiveness for Parkinson’s disease as well as various anxiety disorders, insomnia, schizophrenia, and movement disorders.

Whether or not CBD edibles are useful for treating chronic pain is also unclear. While CBD is safe to use as a pain relief treatment, particularly when you have a quality-controlled, regulated, and licensed product, more research is required to fully establish that it is an effective pain control medication. For serious conditions like cancer, there’s a lack of evidence that suggests that CBD edibles are effective.

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The Risks

Just like other substances that have pharmacological effects, CBD oil and cannabinoids also have side effects. CBD edibles can interfere with the effects of many prescription medications due to their effects on certain liver enzymes. Levels can be lowered or raised depending on the drug, so anyone that takes prescription drugs must understand the risks of CBD interactions with their medication before proceeding.

As compared to THC, CBD seems to have a better side effect profile. However, the lack of robust study makes any analysis of side effects a challenge. Sleepiness, agitation/irritability, and anger/aggression have been reported with some CBD products, so they should be expected with CBD edibles.

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Conclusion: CBD Edibles Are Not a Cure All
Every era has its preferred cure all, and nowadays it’s CBD. Uncontrolled and indiscriminate use may be what some consumers want, but it won’t answer questions about the safety, long-term effects, and overall effectiveness. While there are hundreds of researches being performed to determine whether or not CBD edibles are a cure all, we won’t be getting the answers anytime soon. At the moment, it’s important for CBD consumers to be able to trust what’s on the label. Some jurisdictions are taking steps to make sure that consumers can at least have some confidence in what they are purchasing. Time will tell if their enthusiasm and confidence in CBD is justified.