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Marketing CBD edibles without paid advertising

cbd edibles

Marketing CBD: The boom of the cannabis industry is, without doubt, upon us. And CBD has proven to be an essential segment of this industry, with its market expected to reach $20 billion by 2024. Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular CBD products out there turn out to be CBD edibles. Edibles come in the form of some of the beverages we are used to and already love, so it is no wonder that people are more inclined to try them out.

The CBD edibles market is forecast to become a $4.1 billion part of the cannabis industry by 2022. As expected, many entrepreneurs strive to take advantage of this growing market with several CBD edibles businesses sprouting all over the country. This situation makes the marketing of CBD edibles even more competitive. Also, the restrictions on the marketing of CBD does not make matters any better. So, if you are an entrepreneur involved in the CBD edibles business trying to find your ground, you might find this guide to CBD edibles marketing without paid advertising useful.


As you might already know, you cannot run ads for CBD products on Facebook and Google, which is a big obstacle for the growth of CBD edibles businesses. This move is understandable, seeing the misinformation surrounding CBD. However, that doesn’t make the restriction any less of a bummer. Consequently, gaining any significant share of the CBD market is an arduous task. However, the steps below would at least make the task doable.


While your options with Google ads are limited, your organic growth prospects are not. Search engine optimizations are one of the best ways to get discovered by people shopping for CBD products. Although it is an intensive process, it can also be quite rewarding if done right. There are two ways of going about this: Off-site SEO and On-site SEO.

a. Off-site SEO
Off site SEO relates to factors outside your website that affect your brand’s ranking on the search engine. Off site SEO is mainly based on the number and quality of websites that link back to you. Your ranking will likely increase depending on how relevant your CBD business is to the websites linking back to you and the anchor texts that are used to link to your website. The domain authority of the linking websites might also be a factor.

b. On-site SEO
This area is concerned with the optimization of your website. It has to do with improving the elements on your site that search engine algorithms consider in serving their results. These elements can be either keyword related or non-keyword related. The latter involves your website’s loading speed, URL structure, mobile-friendliness, metadata, and linking structure. On the other hand, keyword related elements include your product titles, descriptions, and image captions. To derive the best results from your website, all these elements should be optimized for search engine algorithms.

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This is one aspect of non-paid advertising that you cannot ignore as it is one of the few viable ways for CBD brands to create awareness for their products. Creating your own content is vital for both customer acquisition and retention. Content marketing helps you take full advantage of keyword optimization, and gated content can even help you collect emails for further promotion. To properly implement content marketing, write in-depth and intriguing articles relating to the product, promote these articles, and be consistent. If you are consistent and meticulous in your content marketing execution, you would be creating a sustainable way to acquire customers and keep them around for longer.

Influencers are not considered advertisers, which makes them another great way to get on social media and build awareness about your product. Facebook and other social media platforms do not create their content, which means that while they do not allow paid ads for CBD, they cannot stop people from talking about your product on their platforms. As such, you can enlist influencers to stimulate conversations about your product. It requires a lot of manual work to construct deals. However, it could turn out to be worth it.


The impact of using communities for marketing on platforms like Facebook and Reddit can sometimes be overlooked. Try not to make that mistake, though. The people that engage in these Facebook communities and Subreddits are precisely those who belong to your target audience. For this step to be useful, you have to put in consistent effort and show that you are worth noticing by providing value. Also, ensure that you are compliant with the rules that guide each community to guard against being banned.

cbd edibles

Depending on the vision you have for your business, you might consider hiring a digital marketing consultant to facilitate the proper marketing of your products. A digital marketing consultant would provide immense help with the above steps. The consultant would also help draw up and implement a 360 Marketing plan based on your market analysis. A consultant would help identify the most effective ways of advertising your products, develop customized marketing strategies, monitor marketing performance, make appropriate changes, and generally increase customer engagement.


You shouldn’t underestimate email marketing for many reasons. For one, a 2014 study found that email delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) among most marketing avenues. As such, in your marketing strategy, you should recognize the usefulness of having a compelling email marketing campaign. To build your email list, you can take advantage of your blog content to make people subscribe to your newsletter. You’d have to create a compelling newsletter series always to keep your brand on their minds. This could turn out to be a great way to retain customers.

The CBD industry’s barriers are quite low, so the need for a top-notch marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. You would likely face fierce competition. And you will need every marketing advantage you can get.