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Best CBD Advertising Consultants

cbd advertising

CBD Advertising: CBD businesses have really taken off since CBD oil has become legal in more and more situations and more and more states. The biggest question a lot of prospective CBD business owners have is how can they capitalize on this booming market? It isn’t easy to break out in a saturated market that has hundreds of new businesses popping up every year. It is especially hard with a product whose legality still rides a blurry line in some cases. One answer to this question: hire one of the best CBD advertising companies.

How can a marketing company set you apart from your competitors?

First and foremost, these marketing companies are experts. They’ve been around and their sole purpose is to help grow a business through websites, advertisements and branding. These are the types of things that separate amateur businesses from professional ones.

If you want your CBD business to stand out in the crowd, you need it to look polished and have a plan of attack when it comes to marketing. If you aren’t trained in these types of business, it can be tough. Enter some of these CBD advertising companies.

Elevated Internet Marketing
Elevated Internet Marketing is a company that specializes in internet marketing for pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Including cannabis, hemp and CBD. Their 15-year background in marketing for companies that use the same strategies as you will. In the CBD market gives them a professional resume that you can trust. These guys can do everything for you from website design and email marketing campaigns. To ensuring great search engine optimization (SEO) on your content. The one thing they don’t do is help you with paid Google and Facebook ads. Because those are currently illegal for CBD and cannabis businesses. They do offer alternative routes for paid marketing strategies though.

They have multiple awards and certifications, including being a member of the Cannabis Marketing Association. On their website you can find a list of clients they have worked with to get a good example of the kind of work you can expect from their team. They have a form you can fill out on their website if you are interested and a member of their team will reach out to you so you can decide if they are a good fit for your needs.

cbd advertising

CBD Marketing Pro

If you are looking to get into the CBD business, you might be looking for a company built specifically for CBD marketing. CBD Marketing Pro knows the ins and outs of marketing for a successful CBD business, but they also know the risks and pitfalls involved. They know that there are a lot of people trying to get into the billion dollar business and want to be the professional guides that a lot of these businesses will need. It would be shorter to list the things that CBD Marketing Pro can’t do than what they will do for your business.

Whether it is social media planning and execution or marketing geared towards your local area to drive foot traffic in your physical location, they will get it done. While they can head all these marketing plans for you, they also can serve as a guide to set up a plan, get the ball rolling, and then hand the reins over to you. They also have a great blog with practical tips for your own CBD business. All in all, CBD Marketing Pro is worth checking out as you move forward with your business.

Jesse Grillo Marketing

In my time online, I’ve found that working with individuals is sometimes more effective than working with large corporations. So if instead of a full CBD advertising team. You would rather work with an individual who can help. Consider Jesse Grillo as a consultant for your business. Jesse Grillo has worked in the world of marketing since 2005. And is experienced in many different forms of marketing with many different businesses. He can help you learn about your customer base through analytics. Plan direct advertising marketing. Build a social media plan. And even help you get into the world of affiliate marketing.

If you want someone who has experience in the CBD world, Jesse Grillo checks that box as well with the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition as one of his clients. His experience in the product, coupled with his marketing expertise and work on a personal level make him a great choice if you are looking to grow your business.

Jesse Grillo


If you want a cbd advertising agency that has a more focused expertise, Sherpa might be the path for you. They focus almost exclusively on your website and online store. In the day and age of online shopping, this type of focus will undoubtedly benefit your business. Named after the mountain guides of Nepal and Tibet, Sherpa is a great choice to lead you in building a polished website for your CBD products that will convert customers.

They highlight their websites as easy to use and proficient at building trust with your customers. A website that makes an emotional connection and lets visitors learn more about your products is the keystone to a thriving business, and Sherpa can help you build this.

Another great benefit of having a website professionally designed by Sherpa is that it can be easily scaled. While it isn’t too difficult for you to design an online store for five customers, you might encounter problems as your business grows and you can’t keep up with the demands of a high volume store. Sherpa’s e-commerce expertise makes this headache almost nonexistent. Their websites are great for a few customers or a few thousand customers. You can easily integrate new products as well.

Forge Marketing

Forge Marketing knows how important it is to brand yourself and be creative in doing so. CBD companies, just like any other companies, need to stand out in the crowd and a really good way to do this is to build a brand that is memorable and influential. You don’t have to have the best prices or best products if your brand is the most popular. Customers love chicken from Chick-fil-A, but they also love the endearing customer service and over the top positivity. Forge Marketing can help you achieve the same thing with your CBD business. Forge Marketing has tons of experience in the cannabis and CBD world.

They have dozens of examples of their page that show the kind of product you can expect when you enlist their help.
They will build you advertising plans through the usual routes, SEO, social media and your website, but they will do it with a unique brand image that they have helped you create. This brand image will make you stand out in customer’s memory and increase traffic to your actual store. Forge also does something that will help you increase your sales. They reach out to influencers about advocating your product. Influencers are everywhere on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok nowadays, so why not make use of them? Influencers can drive huge volume to your website, so incorporating this into your plan is one of Forge’s staples.

Jesse Grillo


Another marketing agency that is solely focused on marketing for cannabis and CBD companies, you will be impressed after five second on their website. The very first thing you will come across is a portfolio that showcases Pufcreativ’s work with different companies. Every example you click on will prove that you are in good hands with Pufcreativ as your CBD advertising agency. They will help you grow your brand through every step of the process. Offering services that will transform your company from the top down.

They will help you design your packaging to create a product that is professional looking and a great customer experience. Another service they offer that many marketing agencies don’t is their video production services. Anytime you go to a website, videos will automatically draw your attention. And make you more likely to spend time and possibly buy a product. Pufcreative also offers digital design and photography to complete the look and feel of your website and advertisement strategy.

Pufcreativ is composed of multiple experts in their field who will make sure your company goes from mom and pop shop to full fledged startup. Their team is diverse in skillset, so you can rest assured that you are getting an expert at every facet of your marketing plan.

420 CBD Marketing

I had to include 420 CBD Marketing if only for their name, but they are also one of the most professional and experienced marketing agencies you can find for your CBD business. They offer a lot of the same services as the rest of these agencies, but build their strategies on the back of data and analysis. They make sure that your marketing plan is built specifically for you and your business to succeed. Their plans are focused on making sure your investment is returned to you plus more. They want you to be profitable and use a professional marketing skillset to make that happen.